Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

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Increasing Your Taste For Indian Food With These Restaurants Near You

Indian food is a popular cuisine in many countries, but Indian restaurants can be hard to find. Indian food is also not very well-known in the United States, which means that these restaurants often have limited business and low customer traffic. This article will discuss 3 restaurants near me that serve delicious Indian dishes and how they offer something for everyone.

The first one is the Indian Bistro Indian Grill and Bar in Cary, North Carolina. This restaurant has a wide variety of Indian dishes on its menu and is one of the most popular restaurants near me. Customers can order from either an A La Carte menu or choose to go with buffet-style dining for lunch or dinner.

The second option nearby would have to be Naan Stop Pizza & Curry located in San Jose, California. If you are looking for something spicy then this might just be what you need! Their claim includes being able to “taste the flavors of Indian street food without leaving the country.” Naan Stop Pizza & Curry is one restaurant that will not disappoint.

The last restaurant to mention would be Shalimar Indian Cuisine in Lexington, Kentucky. This restaurant has a bit of everything on its menu and offers both lunch and dinner buffets as well as an A La Carte menu.

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