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Innova Disc Golf Sets

Innova disc golf sets are designed with new technology in mind. Innova’s new D Line of disc golf discs is lightweight and made out of high-tech material. These Innova D line sets are more durable than the older versions and are designed for beginner and experienced players alike.

The Innova DX Disc Golf Sets offer many great options for any player. There are five-disc sets that come in the D line. They include a driver, mid-range, putter, and putter for any player to enjoy the game. DX is an ideal choice for a beginner, well-rounded, complete set with the proper weights for beginning players.

The Innova DX Golf Sets come in various colors, but all have the same excellent quality. They are made out of polycarbonate discs, making them more durable and less susceptible to breaking. The color choices include blue, cream, charcoal, gray, black, and yellow. All of the colors are the perfect blend of colors that will compliment any golfing theme.

Innova’s Dynamic Discs starter pack brings nine different Innova drivers, including two drivers that come in the classic Innova DX colors – purple and black. The prodigy ace line set nine different Innova drivers that also come in five different colors. This beginner’s set has some great features, including an Innova D-Lite and Innova Ultraviolet technology disc.

For those of you who are new players and would like to try out a new disc golf game, the Innova DX line of discs is perfect for you. It comes in two major types: the regular Innova driver that has the regular Innova brand name on it, and the new player version, which is the lightweight Innova DX Tour version. The new player version is almost the same as the pointed titanium driver from the previous line, but it has the new “gaming weight” design that makes it perfect for beginners.

If you are a new player and looking for an Innova putter that you could use outdoors, the Hurricane is the right one for you. It features the same compact design as the others in the Innova DX line, and it is just as stable but more versatile. The Innova Hurricane is beautiful for beginners and offers lots of power. It is the best disc in this new player’s line, and it is perfect for anyone who wants to try new flying techniques outdoors. Innova is always trying to make its products better for beginner and intermediate players.