Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

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Insights Of CP Physiotherapy

Cerebral palsy( CP) is a group of disorders caused by abnormal brain development or damage to the developing brain. It affects the person’s ability to control body movements, posture, and balance. It results in weak and impaired muscles. This disease appears in early childhood and unfortunately is incurable.

CP physiotherapy can help the child to cope up with the psychological and physical impairment. A physiotherapist helps the child to develop motor skills through proper exercises, heat treatment, massages, and equipments. Depending upon the extent of CP, muscle impairment, and severity of the condition, a physiotherapist makes a specific therapy plan for every child. Specific postures and exercises help to generate certain body movements.
Some major techniques are neurodevelopmental treatment(NDT), constraint-induced movement therapy (CIMT), patterning, passive stretching, manual stretching, weight-bearing, splinting, muscle strengthening, and functional exercises.

Physiotherapy improves the physical and psychological health of the child by enhancing his gross motor functions, independence, and confidence.