Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

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Introducing You To OMG Clothing

On My Game clothing (omg clothing) is a fitness clothing brand that was founded in April 2016 by social media influencer Edison Fan. In a very short time, this brand has become one of Asia’s top men’s sportswear brands. This is because it isn’t only affordable, but it’s also extremely comfortable and very fashionable too.

OMG offers a wide array of fashions (e.g. tank tops, shorts, tights, shirts) and accessories. These have been designed to complement or complete your look for the gym by making you look both confident and sexy. The company truly understands that you need to feel this way while you’re working out.

Now this brand has finally made its way into the North American marketplace. Here it premiered with a collection being that could first be purchased in The United States and Canada starting in the Spring of 2020.