Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

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Is At Home Laser Removal Safe?

When the subject of hair removal springs up, many beauticians always u swear by the laser method . This can be easily explained by the permanent solution it offers by destroying the follicle. In the recent times, giant beauty brands have come up with devices for At Home Laser Removal. These devices have really gained a lot of traction in the market since it cuts on cost and saves on time. It goes without saying that it is best to leave laser hair removal to the professionals such as the beauty scientists as well as the dermatologists. Well, let’s weigh in on the safety of at-home laser treatments.
Beauty experts have not comprehensively tested the safety of this technique but from the available resources, it is evident that laser hair removal doesn’t cause cancer since it produces a very small amount of radiation which is not harmful to the skin. Apart from its less efficiency compared to the in-office lasers and the risk of scarring if used improperly, it is a great technique for shedding unwanted hair.