Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

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Is Reclaimed Barn Wood Safe?

Reclaimed wood has become a popular decorating option with people using it in a wide range of applications in the home from flooring to kitchen counter tops. Reclaimed barn wood is a popular choice since it often has pleasing weathering effects. However you should always ensure that it safe to use and does not contain pests or harmful substances.

When purchasing, or otherwise sourcing, such wood make note of the following points to be sure it is safe for your home.

• Check whether the wood been treated for pest and insect infestation (typically in a heated kiln)

• Check whether the wood contain nails or other pieces of metal; this is important when cutting or trimming the wood to size

• Make sure there are no traces of lead paint in the wood; lead poisoning is particularly dangerous for young children as well as adults

• Ask whether your reclaimed wood has been treated with any harmful chemicals