Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

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Is Your Clothing Made Ethically?

Most people are completely unaware of how the clothing industry gets their clothing constructed, especially when it’s made overseas. Today, 97% of all clothing worn in the US is made by residents of other countries. The main countries making our clothing are Turkey, India, China, and Bangladesh.

There is no way that companies can influence the treatment of workers in other countries except by taking their business elsewhere. Most companies are primarily concerned with quality construction and price. How workers are treated is the least of their concerns. For starters, low wages are guaranteed to these workers. That’s how the price is kept so low.

Ethically made clothing is constructed by individuals who are paid what they are worth and have good healthy working conditions. It’s even been said that in some countries, women have to choose between taking their pregnancies to term or ending a pregnancy early to continue work. Do you really want clothes made under these conditions?