Wed. Feb 21st, 2024

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Is Your Crawl Space Insulated?

Crawl Space Insulation Tacoma: Mold, pests, and other unwanted visitors will love your crawl space since it is a safe haven. Having a it without insulation can cause condensation on the ground or in the walls/ceilings of your home due to temperature changes outside versus inside the house.
Depending on where you live, having an uninsulated crawl space can result in energy bills costing up to 50% more.

  • Crawl spaces retain heat; this leads to high energy bills during the winter months
  • Crawling on dirty floors raises health concerns
  • Uninsulated spaces trap moisture which may lead to mold growth
    Many homeowners are unaware that their Crawl Space is not insulated. This can be costly for them in the long run, as Crawl Spaces act like an oven, trapping heat and humidity inside. They also need to be humidified to prevent mold or rot from setting in.