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Journal Of Computer Security

Journal of Computer Security journal is a peer-reviewed journal that covers the field mentioned before. The journal publishes papers on original research, review articles, and technical notes in all areas of computer security including hardware protection methods, cryptographic algorithms and protocols, software protection techniques, biometrics for authentication purposes, intrusion detection systems, and firewalls.

1) It provides high-quality content that is rigorously reviewed by experts in the fields to ensure accuracy.

2) The journal has an open access policy where authors do not have to pay article processing charges or subscription fees to publish their work which makes it affordable for everyone.

3) It has been around since 1993 so there are many available resources related to the journal that can be used for reference.

The JCS was founded in 2005 to provide an international forum for discussion and debate about the many aspects of computer and information security. This journal provides a platform for authors from industry, academia or government to share their latest research with colleagues around the world.