Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

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Keep Looking Young With Anti Aging Products

Anti-aging is a multi-billion-dollar market. Between topical unguents, supplements, and surgical procedures, someone somewhere is probably trying to cheat the natural effects of age every minute of every day. You can swallow pills, smear creams around your face, or have a doctor suck out fat from your bottom and replace it in your thinning cheeks.

A good option would be to consider purchasing anti aging products like gels or creams which specifically target puffiness around the eyes or fine lines close to your lips. Research suggests there are products that really work and some which look good but don’t really do anything in the long term. Some items provide an immediate effect but most are designed to show their worth in about two weeks, becoming increasingly effective over time. Use a non-comedogenic moisturizer (one that does not block pores) every day.

Look also for products containing retinol. This is a naturally occurring element in your skin which starts to disappear as you get older. When retinol gets to work, it makes the skin look more plump by helping hold skin cells together.

Your body requires Vitamin D as part of the anti-aging process but also to help you absorb minerals. Just don’t stay in direct sunlight too long. This will dry your skin, could cause dark pigmentation, and will potentially hasten the appearance of wrinkles. Use sunscreen liberally, wear a hat, and purchase foundation that contains sunscreen.