Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

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Ladies Fashion Watches Epitomize Style And Craftsmanship

Ladies fashion watches defer significantly from men’s watches mainly because of the variety of watch case face shapes and watch band types. Men’s watches are more limited in their variety of watch case face shapes and bands.

The most common watch case face shape for each gender is round, closely followed by the rectangular shape. The next most common shape is square and finally octagonal.

Watch bands range from the leather watch band and cloth webbing, to metal links, to chains and solid metal bands. Watch bands however usually do not have a huge effect on the price of the watch. Prices are most affected by the composition and craftsmanship of the watch case face.

It’s in the watch case face that the buyer may find jewels set in any number of materials: gold, carbon, titanium, steel and rubber. Women’s watches offer the greatest variety of styling but maintain similar craftsmanship details and precision as men’s watches.