Wed. Feb 21st, 2024

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Name Some Potential Careers For Veterans

Military veterans have been trained with precision by the army, marines, navy, air force, or the Coast Guard. After service, they have the skills to bring expertise to a field outside their previous work parameters. They may have technical expertise in communications, mechanics, or computers. They may also have served in a medical capacity as a medic, nurse, or doctor.

These previous positions requiring expertise make them great candidates for civilian jobs. It’s easier for the military medical professionals to simply move into the same position in civilian life. However, soldiers previously performing tasks in communications, mechanics, and computers may find it more difficult.

But there are related careers for veterans in civilian businesses. If you served as a radio technician, you could be an ideal candidate as an RF Radio Engineer for an Airport. A military training instructor may transition into a job as an apprenticeship coordinator where he conducts training and assessment of functional skills. A quartermaster sergeant should consider working as a coordination manager.