Thu. May 23rd, 2024

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Natural Horse Bedding Options

The mention of stall bedding more often than not jolts to mind a particular imagery; a rather deep, warm and typically golden cushion of straw that rustles with the horse’s every movement. It goes without saying that straw has historically sufficed for horse bedding. Nevertheless, times are fast changing and several other natural horse bedding options are available in the market for your horse’s stall.

The ideal bedding should be absorbent, comfortable, dry, environmentally friendly, conveniently disposable as well as cost-effective. Well, over the years, the list of suitable bedding materials has significantly grown to include a variety of products that possess varying degrees of the mentioned qualities. Some are readily and widely available whereas others are confined to particular geographical locations. Examples include shredded coconut husk and fiber, corn cobs, hay, industrial hemp as well as leaves. It helps to blend these materials to cut down on the frequency of labor-intensive stall stripping.