Sat. May 18th, 2024

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Package Tours To Assam, India

India is a fascinating country, and taking one of the Assam tour packages available provides the chance to see one of its most fascinating areas. Many packages here include a visit to a tea plantation; the region has long been known for its many tea plantations, including India’s largest. Although itineraries vary, when you visit a tea plantation, you can expect a behind the scenes tour, the chance to meet some of the tea workers, and of course the opportunity to sample different teas. In fact, some packages to Assam focus entirely on touring different plantations, with airport transfers, transportation, meals and accommodation all included. However, if tea isn’t your passion, the Assam region offers plenty of other diversions, including several National Parks, historic temples and shrines, spectacular countryside and the chance to experience some of the country’s wildlife up close.