Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

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Powder Dosing Valve: The Basics

Powder Dosing Valves are Powder metering devices with many uses in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. It is also used to dispense dry powders such as spices, sugar, flour, etc. It can be installed on a wall or floor stand with various powder handling equipment, including Powder Feeders, Bin Systems, and Hoppers. Powder Dosing Valves provide accurate dosing by measuring out predetermined quantities of material using an adjustable screw mechanism inside the valve body. The flow rate will depend on the speed at which the screw turns; this is adjusted by turning one handle while holding down another until it reaches desired to set (see diagram).

Powder Dosing Valve are a relatively new technology in the Powder Handling Industry. Powder Dosing Valves provide a reliable and accurate dosing system for many different types of powders.

Powder Dosing Valves are an economical alternative to other powder handling systems. They can accurately dose wide ranges of particle sizes. This technology is user-friendly and easy to maintain.