Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

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Practical And Effective Third Eye Chakra Healing Practices

Third Eye Chakra Healing is also known as the sacral chakras’ or the ‘navel chakras.’ Like other chakras, they also have a third eye chakra that vibrates differently from our primary chakras. We can cleanse, heal, balance, and heal this subtle energy center by placing healing crystals of the same chakra color and/or vibrational frequency as the third eye. Crystals, rocks, gemstones, and even precious metals that share the same vibrational spectrum as the third eye can help to harmonize this energy center. Healing with crystal stones or gemstones can also assist with balancing the other’s two primary chakras.

The process of the third eye chakra healing is simple and easy. You will need a chair or table, a dark room, a comfortable place to lie down and be relaxed. Focus your mental attention on your stomach, pelvic area, legs, or anywhere you feel discomfort, negative emotion, or illness. Clear your mind of all thought and concentrate on feeling the sensations in your abdomen or elsewhere. Once your entire body is feeling relaxed and clear, picture a bright light source in your hands which is a symbol of healing. Next, close your eyes and focus all your mental, emotional, and physical energy on this bright light source.