Sun. May 19th, 2024

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Replacing The Real Pet With The Pet Robot

Traditional animal pets are encouraged to offer their owners emotional support. Can a pet robot do the same? Real pets were found to reduce lonelines as well as lower blood pressure, anxiety, and stress. A robotic baby seal was placed in a nursing home with elderly patients and the same result was generated in the response of the residents that petted the robot.

The beauty of pet robots is they don’t need veterinarian shots, food, dog houses, baths, grooming, flea and tick spray or litter boxes. With so little care needed they are ideal for the shut in or the handicapped or the elderly person who is not as able to care for an animal. This person is often found living in horrendous conditions because they are too incapable of keeping the house clean when an animal is present. The pet robot resolves all those difficult challenges the owner of an animal pet faces.