Sun. May 19th, 2024

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School Bus Reflective Tape

School Bus Reflective tape is the perfect solution for any school bus fleet. To help you reduce the amount of time it takes to do safety checks, checklists, and other things that help keep children safe, you can add reflective tape to the bus windows.

School Bus Reflective tape is straightforward to install. All that’s required is to put the reflective tape on the window frames inside and secure it with Velcro or adhesive tape. You do not need to hire anyone to set these reflective tapes. The reflective tape will reflect the sunlight off of it and into the back of your eyes. This means that when you’re looking at the bus, everything will be clear and bright. You’ll also notice a reduction in the amount of glare coming into your windshields as well. School buses use these tapes as a standard safety measure.