Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

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Sclera Contacts Blue: The Facts About This Eye Color

Do you want to change your eye color? If so, sclera contacts blue may be a good option for you. Sclera contacts are special lenses that cover the entire sclera. This makes it possible to change your eye color completely! So if you’re interested in learning more, keep reading!

What should I know about this?

These contacts are made from a material called polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). PMMA is a type of plastic that is safe for use in the human body. It’s also used in other medical devices, such as artificial joints and contact lenses. These contacts are usually about 22 millimeters in diameter. This makes them larger than regular contact lenses.

These contacts have been around for many years. They were first used in the 1960s for people with corneal damage. Nowadays, sclera contacts are worn primarily for cosmetic reasons. However, they can also be used to correct vision problems like myopia (nearsightedness) or hyperopia (farsightedness). These contacts can also be worn to change the appearance of your eyes. For example, these contacts can make your eyes look larger or give them a different color. Sclera contacts are available in a variety of colors, including blue.

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