Tue. Feb 7th, 2023

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Some Ideas For Side Hustles

Everyone could use a little extra cash. Following are some side hustle ideas you can use to supplement your income:

• Write an Ebook – if you have some specialized knowledge why not write an ebook? It’s easy to publish on sites like Amazon and can provide a passive income stream.

• Become a Mystery Shopper – in this hustle you can get paid to shop. Mystery shoppers buy from specified locations and document their experience with a retailer.

• Create YouTube Videos – while this can take some time to gain traction and an audience, creating videos for tutorials or other topics of interest can be a money-spinner – especially if you get a lot of subscribers.

• Sell on Etsy – if you have a talent for crafts or have skills making other home-made items consider selling them on Etsy, a marketplace for selling unique, hand-made items.