Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

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Some Natural Remedies For Dry Skin

Having dry skin can be uncomfortable and feel itchy and while there are an array of cosmetic products sold for treating dry skin there are also some natural remedies for dry skin that you can find in your own home. Following are some examples:

• Sunflower seed oil – this oil improves hydration for skin when used as a moisturizer on the arms.

• Coconut oil – a recent study found that coconut oil as just as safe and effective for treating dry skin as petroleum jelly and, as well as improving skin hydration, also increased the number or lipids (or fats) available on the skin surface.

• Oatmeal – adding powdered oatmeal to a bath or using creams made from oatmeal are effective at relieving the symptoms of dried skin.

• Honey – studies have shown that applying natural honey topically can help with many types of skin diseases; it was shown to be moisturizing, had healing properties and an anti-inflammatory.