Sun. May 19th, 2024

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Stand Mixers With The Meat Grinder Attachment

Stand mixers are made to work with several food preparation accessories. A stand mixer with meat grinder is a common combination. This allows you to use the power of the mixer to turn lean beef chuck, sirloin, and beef round into ground beef.

You may also like your turkey or pork to be ground. Both types of meat can easily be turned into ground meat using the same grinder. Most of the turkey meat will come from the legs, thighs, and back peeled away from the bone. The turkey breast is rarely ground. It is used as a served baked, fried, or broiled entrée.

The stand mixer’s controls operate the grinder. The separate grinding attachment is made of stainless steel or some other durable metal. The grinder set comes with three or more plates for grinding, coarse, medium, and fine. A food pusher, a meat dish for the whole meat portions, a bowl for the ground meat, and the mixer mounting attachment will also be included.