Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

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Steps To Avail Of IPad Buy Back Programs

Tablets are in demand these days because of the need to study remotely in many places. Those who never had their own device are now scrambling to get one. Most want to get a new model while others choose used devices for practicality. If you have an old iPad, then you can cash in on this trend while helping others. You can try to sell it directly but this can take a bit of time and effort. If you want instant cash, then consider selling it to a store that has an iPad buy back program for used items.

Check Your Old iPad’s Condition

Before you go, get your old iPad and check its current condition. Maybe it was working fine last year but things may have changed even if you just left it in storage. See if all of the features are still working. Most will only accept items if they are fully functional. Others are willing to buy damaged iPads but at a vastly lower price point. Clean it up and check if there are any blemishes. Scratches and dents are common. It’s best to use a case at all times and store it carefully if you are not going to use it for a long time to avoid these.

Check the Models Accepted

Look for the websites of various buy back stores. Some of them maintain an updated list of prices for the models they accept. They usually welcome models that are less than three years old. You could find places that go as far as five years old. See where your iPad would be welcomed. Use the contact form to inform them of your intention to sell. Upload a picture if possible. Be specific about the item’s condition. Do not attempt to hide possible issues as they will eventually find out during inspection. If the store is nearby, then pay them a visit to get more information.

Compare Listed Prices

It would be handy if you can see the prices listed on various websites. Simply compare them and find the one that values your device the most. Maximize the cash that you’ll get from the sale. Just remember that the listed price refers to the highest amount they are willing to pay for items in mint condition. If your iPad has any form of damage, then expect some deductions. That is why it is still better to go to their shops and show them what you have. Get an actual quote right away.