Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

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Swimsuits Are Fabulous: Fabric Types Explained

Fabric is an important part of any swimsuit, but what is the difference between Swimsuit Fabric types? Swimsuits are made from a variety of fabrics. Swimwear fabric can be found in three different categories: synthetic, natural fiber, or mixed. We will go into detail about these three types below!

1) Synthetic Swimwear Fabric – This type of fabric includes nylon and lycra, which allow for stretchability in your swimwear. It dries quickly and doesn’t shrink when you wash it
2) Natural Fiber Swimwear Fabrics – These fabrics include cotton, wool, linen, and silk, all having pros and cons. Wool and linen fabrics are best suited for warmer water temperatures. At the same time, cotton is a great fabric to use in colder waters. Silk is great for the hot summer because it’s one of the best fabrics to absorb sweat and water. The cons of natural fiber swimwear include: they don’t dry quickly, so you have to air them out after swimming, and they can shrink when washed. Silk is the most expensive type of clothing made from this material, but it lasts longer than all the other types.

Swimsuits are in trend this season. Swimsuit fabric is a key factor when deciding what swimsuit to purchase. Swimwear made of polyester, for example, will be more durable than fabric made of cotton or silk because it does not absorb water as much.