Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

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Testing For Aspergers Syndrome

Around 37 million people around the world have Aspergers, and an Aspergers test can help to determine whether you or a child has this high functioning form of autism. The condition is characterized by a lack of social skills, repetitive behavior and the inability to focus. You can find several online tests designed to determine whether a person has Aspergers or not, and most of them work in much the same way by asking a series of questions about behavior, strengths and weaknesses and social skills. Although the test results may give you a clue, especially if you take more than one test, they shouldn’t replace a professional diagnosis by a doctor. Fortunately, most people with Aspergers are able to function quite normally although there is a wide range of treatment and therapy available, including speech therapy, changing diet, medication and psychological therapy.