Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

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The 4 X 4 Off-Road Vehicle

ATVs or All-Terrain Vehicles are 4×4 off-road automobiles. These vehicles sit high off the ground, around 6 inches or more. These vehicles are built with A-arms made of a 25% larger blend of hand-welded materials and tubing and combined in a dual-bend design that clears the ground at nearly 18″ inches. This makes it possible to tackle those rock clusters, deep ditches, and mountainous climbs.

If the vehicle comes with camber adjustability, you’ll be able to use any size tire you want. You can ride high or low with two passengers or 4. Your roof can be completely open or partially covered with a hard or softcover.

Your ATV may have a 6″ lift kit that provides a full 20″ of clearance. If you have 45″ tires installed, you will gain up to 27″ of ground clearance. The A-arms, trailing arms, and radius arms set at high clearance give you the suspension necessary to obtain lift rollover for those balance maneuvers needed when riding over rough terrain.