Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

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The Benefits Of Using Proximity Alerting Devices

There are different types of risks at workplaces. Some places have more and higher level of risks. For example, there are more and severe risks at mining and factory sites. Operators here operate heavy-duty machines and vehicles. Operators, workers and other people at these places are at risk of injuries due to mistakes and accidents. Many of these risks can be lowered and even avoided by using proximity alerting devices. These devices are designed to reduce the risk of collision and increase workplace safety.

The devices work by detecting assets including goods, vehicles and personnel. The device issues instant warning when an incident specified as risk becomes apparent. The system utilizes various technologies including GPS, electromagnetic, bidirectional radar, RFID and others. These technologies are used to detect asset collision and issue warning before such a collision can happen. It prevents the risks of injuries, deaths and property damage at the worksites.