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The Best Glass For Scotch

Best Glass for Scotch: Scotch is a drink that many people enjoy, but it can be difficult to find the best glass. You may want to use three main types of glasses: tumblers, rocks glasses, and nosing glasses. Which style is right for you depends on what you’re drinking your Scotch from and how much time you will spend sipping. Tumblers are great if you’re drinking at home with friends who like their drinks neat; they allow everyone to participate in the conversation without having to stop mid-sentence every time someone wants a sip.

Rocks glasses are good because they keep the ice cold longer than tumblers do; this means more flavor can come out before adding water or soda to the drink.

If you’re going to be spending some time appreciating the aroma and flavor of your Scotch, a nosing glass is a way to go. It’s designed so that you can hold it in one hand and swirl the whisky around with the other, releasing all of those delicious smells.

No matter what type of glass you go for, make sure it’s crystal clear. The Scotch deserves the best!