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The Best Microneedling Seattle Practices Can Help With Your Skin Issues

Both men and women can suffer from embarrassing or difficult to treat skin conditions. Microneedling is a newer form of treatment that can produce results, without using expensive skin care products or going through painful microdermal abrasion therapy.

The best microneedling seattle practitioners can help improve the look and condition of your skin. Here’s how it works: A roller with several needles is rolled across the affected areas. Usually treatments are spread apart in several sessions about 30 days apart. With each subsequent session, deeper needles than in the previous session are used on the roller.

There are many benefits of this type of treatment. First, there are no messy creams, gels, or lotions to apply. Second, it is far less painful than more extreme treatments for acne. The procedure forces the skin to produce new collagen, which can make the skin look younger, as well as fight the bacteria that tend to clog pores in acne.