Wed. Feb 21st, 2024

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The Collar and the Lock

Collars are pretty common on human pups and dogs, and they are worn for various reasons. For example, some people like to collar themselves, while others prefer to be collared by or receive a collar from another person. Human pups can also accessorize their collars with a variety of different items.

 A conventional canine-style name tag is one of the most prevalent items. These name tags can include a range of information, including the human pup’s chosen or given pup name and other details such as who their handler is or who they’re alpha for.

A lock is another frequently-used accessory. A lock can mean a couple of things, such that the human pup has a handler, a companion, a spouse, or nothing at all.

Some people wear locks for visual appeal, but they’re more likely in a relationship with someone else.

Get a collar or even a lock and make a big statement of purpose.