Wed. Feb 21st, 2024

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The Grading Process Of A Soccer Card: The Three Main Points

A soccer card is one of the most popular types of trading cards in the world. It is a thin piece of cardboard with a soccer player’s picture on it, also called soccer stars or soccer players. These cards are collected by many people and even graded to show their value. There are three main points that make up this process: condition, centering, and edges.

Condition: This is the most important factor in soccer card grading middle east, it indicates how good the player’s condition is.

Centering: This part of soccer card grading middle east refers to where the picture on this soccer card falls relative to its borders, which are called edges. A centering scale goes from poor (the worst), fair, or good (best). Poor means that one edge touches a border more than any other edge does and good means just the opposite—that every edge has an equal amount touching their respective border.

Edges refer to whether there are nicks along any part of these cards’ perimeter. If there are no nicks then they will be graded mint but if so, players can still get away with excellent/near mint. The lower the grade, the more nicks along the edge there are.

That concludes our look at soccer card grading middle east for now! Stay tuned for more posts about this interesting subject matter.