Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

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The Importance And Need Of A Bone Density

Bone density is the amount of bone mineral in bone tissue. A cartilage test measures the strength of your bones. The test is a kind of x-ray. The reasons to have this test are to find and treat severe bone loss and to prevent fractures and disability.

To prevent cartilage loss, you and I can do such things as consuming calcium-rich foods like milk, cheese, dairy, green leafy vegetables, tofu, nuts, bread, fish, and soya beans. It also helps to engage in mild exercise, like walking. Other preventative measures are limiting caffeine, limiting alcohol and not smoking.

To conclude, talk to your doctor soon and find out more about cartilage density and the importance of taking this test. With the many health benefits of caring for your bones, it makes sense to find out more about this essential healthcare test.