Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

Business News on the Fly

The Only Way Is Up

It’s been kind of a rough go for comedian Kevin Hart recently. First off, he violated Rule # 1 when it comes to owning a high performance muscle car. Never let anyone else drive it. The result was a lengthy stay in the hospital and the need to buy a new, and even more radical, muscle car to replace the one wrapped around a tree.

Next, he discovered that his personal shopper, Dylan Syer, was doing a great job of shopping for a person but that person was Dylan Syer and not Kevin Hart. This resulted in an estimated one million dollar hit to the bottom line.

His recent Netflix comedy special, Zero Fucks Given, did not generate a wildly enthusiastic response among audiences. Still, the new Kevin Hart is alive and well, has a hot new car, and a family that loves him. The future is as bright as last year was cloudy.