Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

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The Purpose Of Quality Sample Drilling

Investors expect quality sample drilling at the prospective mining sites. A lot of money is invested in exploring such locations. It is important to ensure only quality samples are being obtained. This is possible only when high quality drilling techniques are used. Drilling operations are conducted for exploration, grade control, density check, ore assessment, resource definition and geotechnical information. The required information must be available after the drilling operation is complete.

Drilling is needed for groundwater assessment, pit design, environmental management, structural assessment and geotechnical assessment. A variety of drilling methods are used to obtain high quality samples. The cost can be low to high depending on the type of method used. The goal is to obtain samples of soil, chips, small rock chunks or core. Some techniques are preferred for early exploration and shallow depth drilling while other techniques are more suitable for deeper underground explorations.