Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

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The Top 5 Facts About 13485 Certified

Do you know what 13485 certified means? 13485 is a standard for international trade in textiles and clothing. When suppliers export products to 13485-certified countries, they must meet certain requirements set out by the International Trade Centre (ITC). We’ve compiled 5 facts about 13485 certifications that will help you understand this concept better.

One: A product can be 13485 certified if it meets all of the requirements set by ITC when these requirements are applied to each individual product type.

Two: The ITC sets out textile and clothing standards based on two principles: environmental sustainability and social justice.

Three: All companies involved in exporting or importing goods need to comply with 13485 standards.

Four: 13485 certification is not mandatory, but it provides companies with an opportunity to certify their products while simultaneously complying with 13485 standards.

Five: 13455 certifications are transferable across all member countries of the ITC so that certified suppliers can benefit from efficient logistics and reduced costs when exporting.

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