Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

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The Truth About Toric Colored Contacts

Are you thinking about trying toric colored contacts? If so, you’re definitely not alone. These contacts are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason! They offer a great way to change up your look without having to go through the hassle of getting a new prescription.

What should I know about this?

However, before you run out and buy a pair of these contacts, there are a few things you should know. Here’s the truth about these contacts:
These contacts are not for everyone. If you have astigmatism, you’ll need to consult with an eye doctor to see if these contacts are right for you. They’re also more expensive than regular contacts, so be prepared to spend a little extra money if you decide to go this route.

These contacts can be tricky to put in. Unlike regular colored contacts, these contacts have two different curves (one for nearsightedness and one for farsightedness).

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