Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

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Types Of Closures For Crossfit Shorts

Crossfit is a highly dynamic activity. It requires quality apparel that can keep up without getting in the way. Crossfit shorts are designed to be flexible and quick-drying. As for the waist closure, different models offer different solutions.

Some have elasticated waists that hug the body where they land. Comfort depends on getting just the right amount of pressure. If it’s too much, then it can cause stomach discomfort. If it’s too little, then the shorts may keep falling down. It’s a tricky balance given the wide range of body types of wearers.

Other shorts provide users the ability to adjust this pressure through a drawstring. This provides the perfect fit for every individual. It’s easy to change depending on the need. However, the strings can come undone if tugged by accident. A Velcro shield can prevent this from happening.