Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

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Understanding Stroke Rehabilitation

Stroke rehabilitation helps people affected by stroke to regain independence. It’s an important part of the recovery process. A team of health professionals work together to help the person with stroke return to daily activities and reach their highest level of functioning.

Physical therapists focus on helping the person with stroke improve strength and coordination, as well as balance and walking. Occupational therapists teach skills that are needed for everyday tasks, such as dressing, eating, grooming, and personal care. Speech-language pathologists help improve communication skills and swallowing abilities.

Comprehensive rehabilitation programs also include emotional support for both the individual with stroke and their family members or caregivers. Psychological counseling is available for addressing depression or anxiety associated with a disability due to a stroke event or other medical condition.

Social workers can provide resources such as home modifications to make living spaces more accessible; special equipment like wheelchairs; assistance in finding transportation services; or referrals for community support systems like daycare services and meal delivery programs.