Thu. May 23rd, 2024

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Understanding The Power BI Administration Setup

Power BI administration roles are assigned to provide admin privilege. This service is offered on the BI admin portal. The access to Office 365 is not granted. To provide admin access, go to Admin Center of Office 365. Select Users and then select Active Users. Go to the Roles tab and click on the Edit button. Now go to Customized Administrator and select the Power Service Administrator. This newly designed tool of Microsoft has Power Desktop, Power Service and Connector Gateway components. It is available from the Microsoft website without any extra cost.

It comes with a free trial of 60 days while the paid option is available for $10 per month for one user. There is an option to move the setup to the cloud. This administrative system allows users to manage the organizational settings and control the functioning of Power BI. Users having admin roles can configure, provision and monitor organizational resources. They have different roles and tasks which can be handled with the tools available in this program.