Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

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Using a Scanner to Read User Input in Java

Are you learning Java and wondering how to read input from a user? One way to do this is by using a scanner in Java.

A scanner is an object that can read and parse input from a user. It can read different data types like strings, integers, and doubles, making it a versatile tool for user input.

With a scanner for string in Java, you can read a string input and store it in a variable. Here’s an example:

Scanner scanner = new;

System.out.println"Enter your name: ";

String name = scanner.nextLine;

System.out.println"Hello, " + name + ".";

In this code snippet, we create a scanner object and use it to read a string input from the user. The nextLine method is used to read the input, and the input is then stored in the name variable.

After storing the input, we output a greeting message that includes the name entered by the user.

Using a scanner for string in Java is a simple and effective way to read input from a user. Remember to import the scanner class at the beginning of your code, like this:

import java.util.Scanner;

This will allow you to use the scanner class in your program. Happy coding.