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Valais Blacknose Sheep: The Complete Guide

If you’re looking for an interesting breed of sheep to raise on your farm, valais blacknose sheep might be the perfect choice. These unusual animals are found in the Valais region of Switzerland, and are known for their black faces and striking white wool.

The valais blacknose sheep is the only breed of sheep that originated in Switzerland. It is believed to have been developed by crossing several local mountain breeds in the 19th century. These hardy animals are well-adapted to cold and mountainous climates, which makes them ideal for New Zealand’s cooler regions.

Valais ewes have a unique black nose, muzzle, and striking white wool. An adult valais ewe typically weighs between 80 and 135 kilos, with some reaching up to 200 kilos. They are generally calm in temperament and easy to handle, making them an ideal choice for less experienced farmers or hobbyists.

Valais ewes for sale New Zealand are an excellent choice for cold climates and any farmer looking for an easy-to-handle sheep. With their striking white wool and characteristic black nose and muzzle, valais ewes make a distinctive addition to any flock.