Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

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Wedding Rings For Women – A Quick Look At Your Options

Old-fashioned pictures of women showing off their wedding rings feature small diamonds set into gold or silver. They are fairly modest, except the ones worn by royalty and very wealthy individuals. Their selections of band and gem styles were not as fancy or extensive as they are today, nor was there such a variety of metals. Today’s bride could be wearing yellow or pink gold, titanium, or the conventional silver or gold.

Classic and Modern Gem Shapes

Forget what you know about wedding rings for women. Whether you picture a circle or a square, this view is too limited. Think outside of the norm and imagine tear drops, clouds, starbursts, and rounded squares. Consider ovals and rectangular platforms with holes in them surrounded by tiny diamonds. These might put you in mind of ears pierced with large holes, simply because they are unconventional and unexpected. Hearts are still in fashion too, and always will be.

Designing Wedding Rings for Women

One way to make a personal statement is to design a wedding ring for your bride. Several jewelers offer design services and support. You go in or email the firm with your ideas, selecting from their catalogue of shapes, sizes, metal types, etc. When you are happy with the design, an on-site jeweler fashions it to order. The result is a one of a kind article of jewelry. It does not have to be expensive, but it will be more meaningful than engagement rings displayed in cases and made for no one in particular.