Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

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What Do Data Security Companies Do?

Data security companies provide services to protect an organization’s digital data from destruction or unauthorized access. Data security is provided through processes, software, and other technologies that protect data held on computers, servers, mobile devices, and computer networks.

Data security includes application security that controls access to software that is used to manipulate the data. A compromised application can provide access to the data it is designed to protect so user authentication and monitoring is a vital aspect of overall security.

Security companies may offer a variety of services including:

• Encryption of data including disk encryption
• Authentication of users and access control
• Monitoring systems for breaches
• Providing offsite backup for data for disaster recovery
• Mitigating information security risks
• Providing smart cards for controlling access
• Network assurance functions that test the networks reliability and configuration settings
• Notifying regulatory bodies of data breaches