Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

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What Is A Digital Billing System?

A digital billing system, also referred to as electronic billing or e-billing, refers to the process of receiving and paying bulls online through digital invoices that are created in electronic form on a computer system. An electronic bill is created using a financial software application and then sent to the payee via email or through a web portal. Digital billing improves efficiency and saves time both for the sender and the payee. The traditional process of generating paper invoices and data entry was prone to error and in come cases left no clear record of invoice status.

E-billing provides a much more efficient service for both the accounting and customer service functions of a business as well as making it easier for the customer to pay online using credit card and other payment systems. It makes it easy for the accounting function in a business to reconcile invoices and for customer service representative to check the status of electronic payment record when resolving customer issues.