Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

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What Is A Factory Reset?

A factory reset, sometimes also called a hard reset or master reset, is a function on an electronic device that restores its software to the manufacturer’s initial settings. It has the effect of erasing all settings and data stored on the device as well as any applications or other software that has been installed on the device.

This type of reset can be performed to fix a fault with the device that is suspected to originate in software or to restore the device to its initial state prior to passing it on to another user; it has a similar effect as when a hard disk drive is reformatted.

Smartphones are among the devices for which a reset to factory settings is provided. On Android systems, for example, there is an option through the Settings menu that allows the user to erase all data on the phone and reset its user settings. It is used when someone wants to make a fresh start with their phone or before selling it or passing it on to another user.