Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

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What Is A Land Tensure System

Land ownership is one of the most important commodities to own in today’s world as much as it was in the past, going back centuries.

It has been and always will be a strong center point for society’s cultural and social-economic standings and or identities.

The more resilient and sustainable any community or area can be, can also define the value of that area and community which creates growth stimuli to any land and its assets

Land Tensure System (tenure system) protocols have been around since centuries ago and differed from country to country. Religion to religion, and culture to culture

It guarantees a sort of standing order of which allows and portrays who and how much land a person can own, work or live on.

It was a way to control, and still is today, who has the right to be wealthy and who would remain poor to sustain the development of that land.

A very strong belief when it comes to a socialist or communist system, to keep the poor very poor and suppressed and the rich even more filthy rich and to remain that way as long as the rich stays in power and rules by brute force.

I capitalist regimes it is still practiced by not under land tenure system but under the new form called asset and finance tenureship, but that is another story