Fri. May 24th, 2024

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What Is An Enterprise Agility Coach?

An enterprise agility coach is a professional that helps an organization as a whole to adopt agile development practices. They work at a strategic level to help integrate agile processes within current business practices and have experience in managing change and culture in an organization.

An agility coach will have experience in one or more agile processes or frameworks, have a strategic approach to implementing agile techniques, has solid experience in mapping agile frameworks onto existing work processes and can implement an agile program structure to achieve business transformation to an agile methodology.

The goal of an agility coach across the entire enterprise is to achieve cross-team collaboration, to establish collaborative practices between teams, coordinate enterprise-wide changes to achieve agile practices and is involved in organization- wide change management. They often work with executives and VPs to drive change as well as other, lower-level agile coaches, that drive the actual adoption of agile processes in the organization.