Fri. May 24th, 2024

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What Is Hubble Financial Reporting?

Hubble is an integrated financial performance management system created by Insight Software for ERP databases that can be deployed in a cloud environment or in an organization’s premises. It includes modules for budgeting, planning, analytics, and financial reporting. The planning and forecasting functions enable planning, tracking and production of budget reports once they are approved the budget data has been uploaded to an ERP platform.

The financial analytics module features customizable dashboards, pre-defined templates, performance tracking indicators and other business metrics that are created using the ERP tool, among other functions. Hubble enables the user to create real-time reports that allow automation of financial and operations processes including income statements, ledger reconciliations, month-end reports, among others. Hubble enables users to generate reports without relying on IT support. Hubble financial reporting is designed for enterprises that use JD Edwards and Oracle E-Business Suite ERO solutions and its on-premises functions are delivered through Windows-based systems.