Sun. May 19th, 2024

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What Is Lead Generation Marketing?

Lead generation marketing refers to the marketing process of stimulating interest in a product or service in a potential customer for the purposes of developing a sales funnel in which the customer is led through the pre-sales process until they are ready to make a purchase. Lead generation is a well-known marketing technique but has been made more complex in today’s online world where customers have a huge array of information available to them.

In today’s marketing landscape, effective marketing techniques must use new and creative ways to cut through this information deluge to speak to potential customers. It is insufficient to use methods such as mass advertising and email blasts. Instead, effective lead marketing must create a relationship with potential customers by engendering trust to achieve sales. Today customers are more informed and smarter and less likely to respond to overstated claims. Instead, marketers need to produce content that customers want in order to attract them as potential leads.