Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

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What is Pool Salt?

Pool salt, also known as sodium chloride, is a common chemical used to sanitize swimming pools. It works by killing bacteria and other microbes that can make the water unsafe. In addition to sanitizing the pool, it also helps balance the pH levels of the water, making it safer for swimmers.

Using Pool Salt in Your Swimming Pool

Using pool salt in your swimming pool is an effective way to keep it clean and safe for use. To properly use pool salt, you need to add it directly into your filter system or skimmer basket. This will allow the salt to dissolve into the water and be evenly distributed throughout your entire pool. Be sure not to add too much as this can cause corrosion of metal parts and damage liners of some pools. You should also check with manufacturers instructions before adding any type of chemicals as they may have specific guidelines on how much should be added at one time or over a period of time.

Benefits of Using Pool Salt

Using pool salt in your swimming pool has many benefits including: reducing skin irritation caused by chlorine; keeping algae growth down; providing softer feeling water; saving money on chlorine products; reducing odors from chlorine; and helping maintain balanced pH levels in the water which makes it safer for swimmers.